Superfoods That Begin with “X” – Xigua

Superfoods That Begin with “X” – Xigua

Xigua (aka Watermelon)
Xigua is a specific type of the commonly known watermelon, so they have very similar (umm, identical) health benefits.

Superfoods That Begin with “X” – Xigua (chopped watermelon)

Xinomavro Grapes, pronounced “ksee-NOH-mah-vroh” are red-wine grapes originating in Greece, more particularly in northwestern Greece, in the Imathia region of Macedonia, in what are now the monovarietal appellations of Naoussa and Amynteo; Naoussa is often regarded the best source. Xinomavro is generally considered one of the dozen and a half or so of world-class red-wine grapes.


Xacuti pronounced “chacuti”,  is a typical Goan delicacy. It’s a curry made with a large mixture of spices such as pepper, coriander, saffron, cinnamon, cumin, anise and cloves and includes white poppy seeds, large dried red chilis and coconut milk. Typically it is served with chicken, lamb, or tofu, over rice.

glass bowl of tofu Xacuti

Xavier Soup

Every Sunday when most of the other feeding programs are closed, the Soup Kitchen at St. Francis Xavier Church in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan serves over 1000 hot meals.


Scroll to the bottom of this page for the soup recipe


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