Health Benefits of Meditation


Meditation – it seems like a good idea, but sometimes it’s just hard to get to it. Try this for motivation:

Health benefits of Meditation


It only takes ten minutes a day for meditation to lower stress levels. Stress is linked to most health problems.

Blood Pressure

Meditation can help manage blood pressure levels. Hypertension causes heart attacks.


Meditation can help to normalize sleep patterns. Lack of sleep causes fatigue and can lead to weight gain.

Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI)

Exercise and meditation are some of the activities that have proven to be useful in strengthening the immune system and preventing ARI. Viruses and influenza affect many people each year.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

A study conducted on women with IBS suggests that it is effective in reducing severity of IBS.


Meditation helps to reduce anxiety which helps to improve the quality of life.

Pain Tolerance

A study suggests that there was an increase in pain tolerance of people post meditation and the pain ratings provided by the subjects also decreased significantly. For those of us who don’t like pain, this is a great advantage.

Sex Arousal Disorder

Results of a study conducted in 2008 showed that there was a significant improvement in sexual distress and sexual desire among meditators.


Meditation helps you to realize that thoughts come and go of their own accord, and that your conscious self is distinct from your thoughts. Brooding thoughts contribute to depression.

Weight Loss

Meditation helps in controlling emotional eating. Emotional eating has contributed largely to the increase of obesity. It is mainly caused by unmanageable stress, anxiety, boredom and sadness.

Increased Intelligence

Meditation cultivates and promotes the alertness of the mind, while helping to improve cognitive function and reduce psychological stress responses. It also helps in reducing rate of forgetfulness.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Meditation soothes the nervous system. CFS refers to severe tiredness that is often caused by inflammation of nervous system.

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"The Gift of leaning to meditate is the greatist gift you can give yourself in this life." Sogyal Rinpoche (grahic)


By Kathy Casey



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    Great stuff, I very much enjoy the look and feel of your site. Good content too, I bet you have some regular returning visitors. Stay awesome!

  2. Jeff May 28, 2014 at 12:03 pm #

    I think I am sleeping better. That’s great motivation to continue.

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